Energy Nutrients

//Energy Nutrients

Energy Nutrients



24 selected grains, nuts, vegetables, fruits with functional essence and Vitamin B group + anti-oxidation phytochemicals of different kinds
→Conditioning of physiological functions. Only one portion is sufficient for your daily dietary fiber intake of 23%. It helps improve bowel movement and makes you glowing with health and radiating vitality.

Ingredients: Psyllium powder, carrot powder, pumpkin powder, pineapple enzyme, extracted medlar powder, green algae powder, mixed vegetable, fruit and grain powder (oat, carrot, spinach, green cauliflower, almond, celery, purple sweet potato, potato, black sesame, gingko powder), extracted grapeseed powder, soybean extract, yeast extract (incl. Vitamin B group), and so on. Read the description on the package for more information.
Content: 500 g/can
Recommended use: Put 1-2 spoons of the product in 300-600 ml of water (lower than 40°C) or juice. Please drink the product with the full amount of water.



(01).The product contains bean, wheat, nut, and psyllium husk, and is not suitable for the person of allergic constitution
(02).For people that are taking medicine, have a special constitution, are pregnant, or breast feeding a baby, it is recommended they visit a medical professional for advice before using the product.