Infinite Growth Factor

//Infinite Growth Factor

Infinite Growth Factor



Natural, Side-effect Free, Anti-aging
Excellent cell reactivating factors transform your physical conditions from inside out, keeping your long-lasting youth.

Placental Trophoblast Extract
Advanced placental trophoblast extraction technology preserves rich growth factors, fine proteins and multiple trace minerals in one capsule. High-efficiency absorbability and safe without side-effects, this concentrate promotes metabolism to keep your skin in regenerative youth. It is the best skin rejuvenating substance from nature.

Finely-Selected High-purity Collagen
Selected materials are refined and decomposed into low molecules through advanced technology. High-quality and high absorbability, this concentrate promotes cell repair, delays aging, erases fine lines and wrinkles to keep you in youthful beauty.

Royal Jelly and Multiple Vitamins
Natural antioxidants lowers blood lipid level, boosts immunity and maintains the body in optimal metabolism to nourish your skin and awake your skin’s natural suppleness and luster.

Women who are in their menstruation period, pregnancy, breastfeeding or medical treatment for gynecological diseases are advised to consult their physician before using this product.

SGS-certified – No Heavy Metals No Pesticides No Western Medicines



(01).The product contains egg and fish ingredients, and is not suitable for the person of allergic constitution.
(02).The product contains iodine, which is a required nutrient, and is not suitable for the patient suffering from hyperthyroidism or undertaking iodine-131 radiation treatments.
(03).For the person who is taking medicine, has a special constitution, is pregnant, or feeds a baby at the breast, it is recommended that they visit a medical professional for advice before using the product.



Q1. How much IGF shall I take every day?

Ans:One tablet after the meal is recommended. Do not take more than one tablet per day. More tablets do not have better effectiveness.

Q2. Is there anything that I should pay special attention to?

Ans:For the person who has a special constitution, is taking medicine, is pregnant, or feeds a baby at the breast, it is recommended that they visit a medical professional for advice before using the product for the sake of safety.

Q3. Is continuous use of the product necessary?

Ans:The nutrient in the food is much less than before due to the infertile soil of the earth. Many people have their meals outside and absorb unbalanced nutrition. A survey on the nutrition of the people in Taiwan showed that most of the people did not eat sufficient amount of nutrients.
Continuous use of the product is very helpful for conditioning of the physiological function. It is recommended to use the product regularly to purify your body in vivo and maintain your health.

Q4. How should I use the product? Is it suitable for vegetarians?

Ans:The product contains fat-soluble nutrient and Vitamin B group and using the product after the meal is recommended to improve the absorption. The product is not fully made of plants and it is not suitable for vegetarians.

Q5. What target groups are suitable to use the product?

Ans:Women who need to improve the metabolism, remove their hidden hunger, work long hours without exercise and are beautiful.