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MU CHUAN builds a comprehensive omni-channel platform for the Group

  • 2006 – We acted as an agent of more than 1000 products (cosmetics, perfume, body beauty, hairdressing product, skin care) with our private brand.

  • 2014 – Day More Stone Spa was established.

  • 2016 – Mu Chuan (Mu Chuan Business) was established.

  • 2017 – We aggressively deployed the resources to develop overseas market territories and extended our business to Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines, and other countries.

We have operated our business in the beauty and health industries in Taiwan for more than 10 years and become highly recognized by the consumers for our professionalism and bright brand image. We have entered the health and nourishment market in recent years in consideration that health serves as the roots of human beings. We have many unique products in addition to quality branded products introduced from Taiwan and foreign markets. With more than 20 physical shops located at different places in Taiwan, we establish strategic cooperation relations with the Internet Malls in many countries. Believing in the humanism, we share the resources of the Group with our partners and aggressively prepare ourselves for the Asian and global markets to expand our business territory in the world.

To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower

MU CHUAN always persists in its uncompromised quality, uprightness, and care for the society. With this idea in the mind, makes healthy and beautiful products to meet the requirements of the consumers. We gather outstanding talents from Taiwan and all over the world, introduce first-class facilities, select the materials and products that have passed the authoritative certification with their highest quality in the world, and apply them to the production, R&D, QC, marketing, and management only for the satisfaction of the consumers. We sincerely hope to bring health and beauty to the consumers with their demands as the first priority. Innovation and multi-development are our goals that lead the consumers to march toward a premium and health life.

We take the root in the nourishment and healthcare industries and support the development of the business for individuals. What you have done not only enrich yourself and the people around you, but also accomplish the life-long vocation as you wish.

Grow sturdily together toward a better tomorrow

MU CHUAN has a definitive brand position. We start your dream and make consumers satisfied to extend the life of our brand. Consumers use our products happily. They are touched when eating our healthy and nourishing products. We persist in uncompromised quality and uprightness to accomplish our vision with the culture. We have quality products and complete compensation plans. You do not need any experience in direct sales or special skills. The only thing you need is your passion for success and help to others. MU CHUAN will strive together with you. We take our root in Taiwan, expand our horizon to the whole world, and are committed to becoming a leading brank in the health and beauty industries. Let us grow together and continue developing for a better future.