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We have established regional operating centers in northern, central, southern, and eastern Taiwan. We have a strong lineup of instructors for regular business and solicitation presentations, and are ready to provide detailed investment explanations and training supports in the hope to promote the operating ideas of marketing channels in a quick, simple and easy-to-understand way, and help you to start your cross-border channel business.

After you join WU CHUAN, we will provide a series of educational training courses to support you. The purpose of the training is to help you enrich your knowledge of the products and business and improve your skills in the sale of products, acquaintance with your partners, development of the organization, and how to achieve your goals in your life more quickly.

We have planned eight series of courses for every MU CHUAN folk: Success & Wealth Academy, Operating & Management Academy, Advertisement & Marketing Academy, Communication & Expression Academy, Professional Skill Academy, Health Management Academy, Fashion & Beauty Academy, and Emotion & Parapsychology Academy. We arrange these complete and profound courses to help every MU CHUAN folk grow continuously in every aspect, plan his/her future, have greater achievements, and accomplish a lifelong vocation.

  • Business opportunity Presentation

    You can learn from our professional instructors about the latest trend and opportunity, product information, and experience, and sharing of business opportunities as a witness during the presentation course held regularly at a fixed place. For MU CHUAN,Business opportunity Presentation is the most fundamental, important, instant, and fruitful course.
    It is a course not only worthy for every MU CHUAN folk to repeat again and again, but also suitable for all the new friends who have never contacted us before to understand our charming products and business.

  • The Intensive Summit Training

    The Intensive Summit Training is the first professional training program that every MU CHUAN fold must take after start of their business. The program comprises five courses of The Power and Necessity of Change, Absolute Advantages and Visions, Trend Business Opportunities and Market Plans, Analysis of Global Compensation Plans, and Target Setting and Sailing of the Boat of Dreams.
    In addition to why we have to change, the benefits of change, and the competitive advantages and visions of MU CHUAN’s business, the trainees learn more about the attitudes and habits needed for a winner and equip themselves with more robust competitive strength during a one-day intensive training process. They also learn the core of MU CHUAN’s global compensation plans and set their goals for their life in different phases. All the MU CHUAN folks are enriched with positive energy for their career in MU CHUAN after participating in the courses.

  • The Leasers’ Workshop

    Only training more team leaders who can operate the business on their own can we develop our business territory to the end of the world. The Leaders’ Workshop is the most crucial training program in our business. The trainees can understand more about our successful business operation system, our operating philosophy for the new era, and the correct business operation ideas in this 2-day training course. With the systematical operating strategies, business planning, and motivation activities that the trainees learn in the course, they will have more abundant financial benefits in their future career.
    The MU CHUAN folks who are committed to having an unusual and impressive business in MU CHUAN and enriching themselves in their life shall not miss the opportunity to fully arouse their potential in the Leaders’ Workshop. Take actions right new to become an advanced leader with a monthly income of more than 1 million dollars.

  • The PD Lecture Class

    The “Magicgo mall”, the strategic cooperation platform of MU CHUAN, is absolutely the global Internet mall with the most development potential now and in the future. How can the competitive advantages of the Magicgo mall be highlighted? How can the suppliers join us? How can the commodities hit the shelves? How can we answer the questions about so many details?
    The professional representatives of the Magicgo mall from the strategic cooperation platform arrange the PD Lecture Class for you. We sincerely invite you and your suppliers for the lecture to understand our competitive advantages. You will know that by joining Magicgo you and your shop can easily upgrade to the “Cross-Device Shop” link with the global malls in Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, and other countries. Sign up and participate in the PD Lecture Class Now!

  • The Health Lecture Class

    As the healthcare and medical technology develop, the average life of the people in Taiwan is increased and the percentage of the aged people grows every year. With the aging population structure and change of the living style, chronic diseases is gradually in lieu of acute infectious diseases and become the first threat to the health of the people. Our Health Lecture Class is purposed to communicate correct common knowledge of healthcare and disease, enhance the awareness of “prevention is better than cure”, and prevent the disease before it attacks. It can help form good healthcare habits to have healthy behavior, eat nutritional supplements, live up to the good habit in the daily life, and manage your health on your own.

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