We have established regional operating centers in northern, central, and southern Taiwan. We have a strong lineup of instructors for regular business and solicitation presentations, and are ready to provide detailed investment explanations and training supports in the hope to promote the operating ideas of marketing channels in a quick, simple and easy-to-understand way, and help you to start your cross-border channel business.

After you join Blessings Worldwide , we will provide a series of educational training courses to support you. The purpose of the training is to help you enrich your knowledge of the products and business and improve your skills in the sale of products, acquaintance with your partners, development of the organization, and how to achieve your goals in your life more quickly.

We have planned eight series of courses for every Blessings Worldwide folk: Success & Wealth Academy, Operating & Management Academy, Advertisement & Marketing Academy, Communication & Expression Academy, Professional Skill Academy, Health Management Academy, Fashion & Beauty Academy, and Emotion & Parapsychology Academy. We arrange these complete and profound courses to help every Blessings Worldwide members grow continuously in every aspect, plan his/her future, have greater achievements, and accomplish a lifelong vocation.

  • Business opportunity Presentation

    You can learn from our professional instructors about the latest trend and opportunity, product information, and experience, and sharing of business opportunities as a witness during the presentation course held regularly at a fixed place. For Blessings Worldwide,Business opportunity Presentation is the most fundamental, important, instant, and fruitful course.
    It is a course not only worthy for every Blessings Worldwide members to repeat again and again, but also suitable for all the new friends who have never contacted us before to understand our charming products and business.

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