What is the review process of the mater contract?2017-10-23T17:35:15+08:00

Step1. After a member enters into a contract with the supplier, the contract in duplicate and its cover shall be scanned and sent to our e-commerce planning department by e-mail ( for preliminary review. A reply will be send after the contract passed the review.
Step2. After the contract passed the preliminary review, send the master contract in duplicate, a photocopy of the bank account, and all the documents for which signature is needed to the business center concerned or the headquarters.

Master contract sample2017-10-23T17:47:57+08:00

How can I affix the stamps at the place where two pages meet?2017-10-23T17:50:26+08:00

Spread the pages, then affix both the private and company stamps.
Please use red ink paste rather than the inkpad to avoid discoloration.
(Refer to the example below.)

I need to scan and upload the contract, but I do not have a scanner. What shall I do?2017-10-23T17:52:37+08:00

You can download scanner app from Google Play for Android or App Store for iOS. Use the app like taking a picture.
You can also take a picture of the master contract and upload it to Line for review. (e-Commerce Line ID: mu.esp88)

How is a breach of the contract defined?2017-10-23T17:54:12+08:00

The contract is breached when a party acts in violation of any contractual term. Any breach of the contract shall be dealt with in accordance with the contract.

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