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Global deployment from Asia with multinational Internet shopping malls for direct purchases

We received good news of victory many times that declared our great achievements in only a few months. We conquered the Taiwan market like a fire spreading through a prairie and could not be stopped! Overseas markets are our next targets and we are excited to begin. The elites from different fields join us and cannot wait to anticipate for the opportunities and deploy for the future. The action to grab the global market has launched. A MU CHUAN Omni-channel Storm is swallowing up the world and nothing can stop it!

To improve the company’s image of internationalization and establish a globalized management system, we founded an overseas strategic branch responsible for development of the global market in 2017. Our business territory has extended to Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and other countries.

The “multinational Internet malls + physical shops distribution + multiplied consumption” is our unique omni-channel strategy. It builds a more free, open, and reciprocal omni-channel platform where you can buy and sell globally to accomplish a world of global connection and linkage. We integrate our members, suppliers, and consumers to form a co-existing, 3-win, and mutually beneficial society. MU CHUAN shares new business opportunities with the members. They will not fight alone, but share more and make more money as this is a great sustainable business for the tomorrow.

We have made our first target for global deployment to be Asia. The global territory of MU CHUAN has emerged and a broader perspective of development is yet to come!