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Extracting one of earth’s treasures in the northern hemisphere – New Zealand pine bark

Enzogenol is found in the pristine Alpine Volcanoes near Taupo Lake, in pine trees around 25-30 years old. It is the essence extracted from 1/3 of the pine bark + Pure water from the lakes of New Zealand + patented flavonoids extraction technology.
* In Every 1000 Kilograms only about 26 Kilograms of essence, rich in proanthocyanidins are extracted.

Patented in many countires

8 extraction process patents
High quality control and Quality assurance

2 patents on health beneficial effects
Improve Health with scientifically proven results.

2 capsules a day

140mg of Enzogenol per day is equivalent to consuming 0.6 kg of fresh fruit + 0.8 kg of fresh vegetables and totaling to 1.4 kg of fresh flavonoids intake.
* Contains 80% Proanthocyanidin.
*Polyphenol composition: Diverse and High in content.



Enzogenol + Esterified Quercetin + Vitamin C

* The 3Cs are something people from the modern age cannot live without. Hence we have to replenish our bodies with Quercetin  that can not be synthesized; Test results also confirmed: Enzogenol and vitamin C not only promotes anti-oxidation but helps maintain sharpness and  clarity.

Lycopene + Mountain mulberry +Millet grass+Cassia+ Linseed oil+ Quercetin
* The pantented Zanthin phycoerythrin makes re-energizes your body relieving it from fatigue
* Bilmax patented mountain mulberry: the secret behind pilot’s performance
* Eyebright Millet grass: Makes your vision brighter and sharper
* Oriental Cassia: Reducing Heatiness in the body allowing proper hydration.
* Linseed oil: Replenish essential fatty acids
* Quercetin : necessary protection for the modern world.