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Day-shower Mini Water Purifier



Original filters from Japan and professional pressurizing techniques work in conjunction with five selected energy stones to kill bacteria, remove heavy metals, and give you the best purified water.

The five selected stones are comprised of rare and invaluable radium stone, far infrared stone, anion stone, hokutolite stone, and black silica stone that are very helpful for the health of mankind.

<Radium stone> The energy permeates into the body through the highly concentrated anion and infrared ray to remove the accumulated toxins and heavy metals from the pores.

<Far infrared stone> This stone slightly raises the temperature of the subcutaneous tissue to dilate blood capillaries and speed up blood circulation. It can also reduce the pressure to the heart and improve metabolism.

<Anion stone> Anion is also known as the “air vitamin”. It is helpful for internal ion balance, relaxation of the body and mind, activation of the cells, improve the natural treatment effectiveness, suppressing internal oxidation, and anti-aging.

<Hokutolite stone> This is a stone from Yu Chuan Hot Spring (or Radium Hot Spring as named in Japan). It has significant treatment and convalescence effect and is the preference to many people.

<Black silica stone> This stone can improve the water and soil quality, remove odor, and kill bacteria. When heated, it can emit up to 98% of activated energy such as far infrared rays.


Day-Shower Mini Water Purifier Perfect emission of energy from five selected stones

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