2 new flavour;
Delicious fruity taste;You will never be bored;readily absorbed byyour intestines!

The problem lies among city dwellers, whose lives are rather her busy. Their diet consists of increased intake of meat and fast-food, while lacking seriously in fibre from fruits and vegetables. To aggravate the situation, where they do not practice “regular bowel movements” by visiting the toilet at specific times, This results in the production of toxin due to accumulated faeces in the intestines which will seriously jeopardize their health in future. Specialists therefore suggest that one should supplement one’s diet with fibre regularly so as to aid in the cleansing of the intestines and the removal of accumulated faeces in order to achieve good health.

H.Food helps you to maintain a clean intestinal tract, prevent accumulation of feces, excrete toxin from within the body and bring you good health!
H.FOOD active ingredients’are as follows:
Apple、Orange、Blueberry、Soya bean extract、Semen Plantaginis fibre、Oligosaccharide、Chlorophy II、Enzymes、Mangosteen extract

Being rich in vitamin C, vitamin E and β-carotene.
Apple can help lower the bad cholesterol level and effectively prevent heart disease and cancer. In addition, Apple is rich in organic acids that help stimulate intestinal peristalsis and help promote healthy quality of your bowel movements. Moreover, Apple contains pectin that can also be helpful for people with irritable bowel movements and other digestive disorders by slowing down the digestive activity, which resulting in beating diarrhea.
Berry is an extremely nutritious fruit rich in Vitamins, proteins, minerals fibre and fats. Another important component is its extremely high content of cyanin which is higher than any other type of fruit. Berry is also rich in trace elements including calcium, iron, phosphorous and zinc which is significantly higher than other fruits. Its Vitamin C prevents cancer and resists cardiac diseases. Pectin is plentiful in blueberry and it is able to dilute fats in the human body, hat leads to a healthy cardio-cerebral vascular system. In addition, berry is abo rich in anti-oxidants which help to slow down ageing.

Dissolve a packet of H.FOOD in 200m1~250m1 of cold water. Drink it after one hour and drink an equal amount of water in order to enhance the effects of fibre!

SGS-certified – No Heavy Metals No Pesticides No Western Medicines


(01).The product contains bean, wheat, and psyllium husk, and is not suitable for the person with allergies.
(02).For people that are taking medicine, have a special constitution, are pregnant, or breast feeding a baby, it is recommended they visit a medical professional for advice before using the product.



Q1. How much H.Food shall I take?

Ans:One pack every day is recommended. Put a pack of the product in 200 ml of cold to warm water (lower than 40°C). Stir the mixture evenly and drink it. The concentration is adjustable depending on personal preference. Please drink the product with the full amount of water.

Q2. Is there anything that I should pay special attention to?

Ans:For the person who has a special constitution, is taking medicine or pregnant, has acute gastritis or peptic ulcer, or feeds a baby at the breast, it is recommended to visit a medical professional for advice before using the product for the sake of safety.

Q3. Is continuous use of the product necessary?

Ans:The nutrient in the food is much less than before due to the infertile soil of the earth. Many people have their meals outside and absorb unbalanced nutrition. The healthy, nourishing, and new stylish diet contains active ingredients that can improve the function of the sirtuin to arouse the metabolism and facilitate beauty and health.

Q4. Is it suitable for vegetarians?

Ans:The product is made of plants and vegetarians can drink it without problems.

Q5. What target groups are suitable to use the product?

Ans:The product can improve metabolism, supplement phytochemical, and condition physiological function. It is especially good for the people having meals outside and meat lovers.