Lutein Chewable Jelly with Granadilla Flavor

//Lutein Chewable Jelly with Granadilla Flavor

Lutein Chewable Jelly with Granadilla Flavor



Lutein Alone is Not Enough
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Carefully-selected pot marigold extract
Enhance defense and say “bye-bye” to blue light
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Gemstone in berries, black currant extract- anthocyanin
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Chinese Gogi extract-Zeaxanthin
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Automation in Production Professional Manufacturing
Jelly with Exclusive R&D Technology – Multi-layer Complex Structure

Multi-layer film:
Anti-oxidant and anti-light that can keep the effective ingredients fresh

Highly effective ingredients:
Break through the form and have a more direct and effective effect with active ingredients.

Complex water-jelly:
Keep the health factors spread evenly and improve absorption with ocean water jelly.

No 5 Major Heavy Metals, No Pesticides, No Western Medicines

Content: 15 g/pack and 15 packs/box





(01).It is normal if the natural ingredient changes its color. You can use it safely. Be careful not to let the beverage spill when opening the pack. Chew carefully and swallow slowly to avoid choking yourself.

(02).For people that are taking medicine, have a special constitution, are pregnant, or breast feeding a baby, it is recommended they visit a medical professional for advice before using the product.



Q1. How much Lutein shall I take every day?

Ans:One pack a day is enough for your health.

Q2. Is there anything that I should pay special attention to?

Ans:For people that have a special constitution, are taking medicine, are pregnant, or breast feeding a baby, it is recommended they visit a medical professional for advice before using the product.

Q3. Is continuous use of the product necessary?

Ans:The human body cannot synthetize lutein. It must be supplemented through the diet. Only continuous ingestion can ensure effective supplement and avoid deficiency. It is recommended to take the product every day.

Q4. How should I use the product? Is it suitable for vegetarians?

Ans:Lutein is fat-soluble carotenoid and using the product after the meal is recommended to improve the absorption. Do not swallow the jelly at one gulp. The product is not suitable for the children less than three years. Aged people and children may use the product only under supervision. The product is made of plants and vegetarians can drink it without problems.

Q5. How much lutein shall I take?

Ans:Professional oculist: 6 to 12 g of lutein a day.

Q6. Is the product suitable for diabetics?

Ans:The product contains sugar (3.8 g/pack) sourced from granadilla juice, for example. The total amount of carbohydrate is 3.9 g or 1/4 of fruit sugar (15 g). Diabetics can use the product, but need to control the total amount of sugar in the diet.