Magic Tai micro molecules

//Magic Tai micro molecules

Magic Tai micro molecules



Loss of Protein is the Loss of Health
Protein is the basic constituent of the human body and peptide is the most common to see. It can improve health and deliver a message for coenzymes in bio-chemical reactions. Peptide is the key of metabolism regulation.
1.People lack peptides because of huge damage and loss of peptide.
2.Peptides cannot be generated quickly due to weak synthesis ability, putting the body in a condition of peptide deficiency in long run.
→Peptides of small molecules can be easily absorbed by the human body to adjust body constitution and gain health easily.

Magic Tai micro molecules
Supplement of peptide to gain vitality and youth.
Actively Regulate physiological constitution to restore brilliance
Increasing nutrients Absorption
Comprehensive Main constituent of cells, tissues and organs

*Direct absorption and extremely high stability
*Safe and comforted.

Important active ingredient of the human body
Peptide needed for keeping body constitution balanced –Bioactive peptides (BAP)
Pressure-relieving must-have for modern people who always fell tired
Relax and relieve pressure and get you ready for the next move
Incessant protection and endless vitality
Safeguard of health like supplying endless soldiers to the battlefield

Another study shows that the active peptide of small molecules can effectively boost metabolism to maintain health
The main constituent of human cells, tissues and organs to help with growth and tissue repair
Provide protein quickly for muscle growth and keeping figure
Easily soluble, not sticky and quickly absorbed to improve athletes’ strength and restore vitality

SGS-certified – No Heavy Metals No Pesticides No Western Medicines


Ingredient: Micro molecule peptide (soybean protein)

Content: 5 g/pack, 15 packs/box

Recommended use: One pack/day with an empty belly



(01).It is normal if the natural ingredient changes its color. You can use it safely.

(02).Vegetable food: The product contains soybean and is not suitable for the person of allergic condition.

(03).For people that are taking medicine, have a special constitution, are pregnant, or breast feeding a baby, it is recommended they visit a medical professional for advice before using the product.


Magic Tai micro molecules Q&A

Q1. How much Magic Tai shall I take every day?

Ans:One pack every day is recommended. Put a pack of Magic Tai in 500 ml of cold to warm water (lower than 40°C). The concentration is adjustable depending on personal preference.

Q2. Is there anything that I should pay special attention to?

Ans:The product is a vegetable food and contains soybeans. It is not suitable for the person of allergic constitution. For the person who has a special constitution, is taking medicine, restricted in protein intake, or a patient of kidney disease, it is recommended that they visit a medical professional for advice before using the product.

Q3. What target groups are suitable to use the product?

Ans:The product is suitable for the general public, including growing children, women who are passionate to skin and health care, men who like to be admired for their muscle lines after fitness, and aged people who need to protect their muscle.

Q4. When should I use the product?

Ans:It is recommended to use the product with an empty belly. For fitness, it is recommended to use it within 30 minutes after the exercise to help muscles grow and repair the tissue.

Q5. Is there any difference between the micro molecule peptide and soybean protein?

Ans:Soybean is treated and transforms to micro molecule peptide as a supplement nutrient. It can be absorbed quicker than soybean. The product passes the SGS testing and is safe and healthy for your body!