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Turmeric Liquid



Product Information
Turmeric has been used in India and other parts of Asia for over 4,000 years. Its active ingredient is the Curcumin.
In Taiwan, it has gained serious attention among the researchers , especially on its functions for daily health enhancement. Currently, several medical centers have been actively conducting clinical trials to incorporate Curcumin in the treatments or supplementary care for cancer patients and the results have been quite positive. Many research organizations have recognized the health benefits of Curcumin.
This Curcumin Concentrate Liquid is extracted from the Zingiberaceae plants produced in Taiwan. It contains rich natural phytochemicals, alkaloids, polysaccharides, triterpenoids,Clerodane, vitamins, organic acids and saponin. These are natural compounds existing in the plants, which act as powerful antioxidants.

Turmeric liquid diluted in warm water is more effectively absorbed through the tongue and oral mucous membrane than the digestive tract. Warm water yields better effect than cold water.

Product Advantages
1.Large Market
Alcohol consumption has had a long history in all cultures. Therefore, the potential for drunkenness relief products is amazing once a scale economy is formed. Turmeric concentrate liquid is not only catered to the market of alcohol consumers. It is generally applicable to patients with poor liver functions and people who seek health improvement and enhancement. Curcumin is also an effective ingredient for weight-loss and skin care, including aging skin issues. Therefore, turmeric concentrate liquid is also a good product for women who seek healthy skin and beauty.
2.High-quality Curcumin Material
The Turmeric Concentrate Liquid is manufactured from the organic ginger plants produced in Taiwan. This product has the highest concentration of curcumin in the market.
One 100cc turmeric concentrate liquid can be diluted into 10000 to 15000cc of drinkable solution for direct consumption.
3.Safe Product without Added Chemicals
This Turmeric Concentrate Liquid does not contain any chemical additives. Consumers are assured of complete safety without side effects.
4.Liquid Formula for Maximized Absorption
This Turmeric Concentrate is made in liquid form, which is easier to absorb compared to other granule or capsule products and therefore ensures maximum effect.

SGS-certified – No Heavy Metals No Pesticides No Western Medicines

Recommended use: The product is a concentrated beverage. Please dilute it before use. The effect will be better if you put the product under your tongue and swallow it slowly.


(01). The product is a concentrated vegetable beverage and has sediment. It is normal.
(02). For people that are taking medicine, have a special constitution, are pregnant, or breast feeding a baby, it is recommended they visit a medical professional for advice before using the product.



Q1. How much Golden Ginger Beverage shall I drink every day?

Ans:Use the dropper and draw the beverage to the half of the dropper (about 1 ml)

Daily supplement – 5ml of the beverage diluted with 500 ml of water

Enhanced supplement – 10 ml of the beverage diluted with 500 ml of water

Protection for a banquet – 5 ml of the beverage diluted with 300 ml of water

Q2. Is there anything that I should pay special attention to?

Ans:For the person who has a special constitution, is taking medicine or pregnant, or feeds a baby at the breast, it is recommended that they visit a medical professional for advice before using the product for the sake of safety. Suspension of the product is recommended before and after surgical operation or tooth extraction, or to the person who has an injury.

QIs continuous use of the product necessary?

Ans:Curcumin can improve the protection capability and gingerol is good for the metabolism. The product can condition the physiological function if you drink it every day persistently. It is recommended to drink it every day for your health.

Q4. How should I use the product? Is it suitable for vegetarians?

Ans:Turmeric contains fat-soluble nutrients and uses the product after the meal is recommended to improve absorption. The product is made of plants and vegetarians can drink it without any problems.

Q5. What target groups are suitable to use the product?

Ans:The product is suitable for the person who needs improvement of the metabolism or protection capability, or works long hours without exercise.