Vital Wristband

//Vital Wristband

Vital Wristband



Vital is designed for the everyday man, woman and child looking to enhance their stamina and activity levels.

Material: Dual-color, silicon band
Available in: Dark Gray – Yellow /  Light Gray – White


Vital wristbands and ankle-bands are packed with signals from all-natural ingredients, such as vitamin B and ginseng that encourage the body to provide a sustained energy increase. Whether you are going for long walks or bustling around running errands, your body will be invigorated to generate the energy you need to carry out your day to day activities with less fatigue.

There is no “one size fits all”. Nothing is ingested or injected, so there is no need to worry about taking in substances that your body doesn’t actually need. Biological signaling allows the body to function in a manner that best suits the individual. Vital will align your body to perform at its optimum best, and give you the energy and stamina in a manner that is uniquely suited to you.