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Create a comprehensive and unusual life with the food, cloth, housing, transportation, education, and entertainment in one-stop shopping

Saving money and spending money meaningfully! MU CHUAN is your first choice when facing dazzling arrays of beautiful commodities in your life. The “Magicgo mall” is our strategic cooperation platform built to completely meet your shopping demands. It is absolutely your best choice!

The special offer gives you a discount much lower than the value of the product, and you will receive a direct refund against the accumulated shopping points. It turns spending money into managing money. This special and beneficial offer is really irresistible!

Strategic cooperation and enrichment through consumption – An era of membership economy

Special offer is the minimum. The discount is nothing. Only the direct refunding against the shopping points is what Magicgo mall gives you beyond the value of the product in online shopping!

We cooperate with thousands of leading brands to provide you with the best discount and offer plus direct refunding against your shopping points! No matter whether group buy of delicacies, hotel & air ticket, computer, communications products, consumables, cosmetics, skin care products, you will surely receive shopping points at different rates as long as you by at the “Magicgo mall”. The points that you acquire from different providers are accumulative without upper limit. You can check all the details of your shopping points in the Member Area.

The “Magicgo mall”, the strategic cooperation platform of MU CHUAN, is specially designed for consumers who seek for preferential consumption and smart shopping experiences, just like you. It is the best shopping platform that you simply cannot miss out on. In addition to the special price must lower than the actual value, the most important is that you can substantially receive a refund against your shopping points. Magicgo turns consumption to a smart financial management strategy. How can you, an enthusiast loving online shopping, miss this favorable and beneficial shopping experience?

Start the shopping travel at excellent value right now to experience your own smart consumption!

The “Magicgo mall”, the MU CHUAN’s strategic cooperation platform, does something unusual. It saves your money and energy on a single platform and you do not have to make efforts to compare the price. Magicgo secures the quality of the commodities and gives you shopping points. You can enjoy the exciting special price and quality products right after registration for a membership. The refunding makes your life more interesting. You can buy what you need and do not have to wait for your bank to accumulate your credit card points for you or haggle over every penny for your limit. We can arrange everything for you. Join us and start your smart consumer life right now.

Excellence, innovation, and responsibility

We believe you can accomplish all of yours goals and make you dream come true with us. Making every effort to take care of beauty and health in order to create a more satisfactory life is the core of our corporate culture. This is our philosophy that we persistently believe in. We strictly control every process from the origin of the material, its selection, professional manufacture to the safe production. Excellence, innovation, and responsibility represent our values and embody the definition of the sustainable development.

Dreams are the most invaluable wealth of us

MU CHUAN is a business of nature, beauty, and healthy LOHAS. We hope that every one of our partners is beautiful and healthy while accumulating the wealth. For sure, we can live a healthy and nourishing life with independent financial capability and freedom.
MU CHUAN not only changes your daily life, but also transforms your whole life. In our business, you control your time and your income. You are the dominator to make your dream come true. At MU CHUAN, we do not care about your current achievement, but your wealth and joyfulness in your entire life.